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    Over 20 years that iWS Wealth Advisory financial planners have been dedicated to providing all comprehensive financial planning services.

iWS Wealth Advisory specialized in Personal Wealth and Family Wealth.

We focus on your financial goals in all real life dimensions, especially during the financial crisis. When we, the financial planners, work with you, we do not only design your bespoke financial goals but also advise on necessary financial information & services including suitable domestic & international financial products from leading financial institutions without any bias for your excellent decision.

Our services

Comprehensive planning

Retirement & Long-term Care Solution

It doesn't matter how much you earn, but it's how you retain it.

Specific Purpose Solution

People set priority on things differently but every financial plan is highly important.

Personal Comprehensive Wealth Solution

Proper comprehensive financial plan will perfectly handle every life event.

Family Comprehensive Solution

Suitable distribution of financial plans to fulfil family members needs.

Wealth Distribution

The importance is not only wealth distribution, but it is to pass on knowledge and experience to generation.

Exit Planning

Establishing business is a bit hard but retiring from business is harder.

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

No one can stop the unexpected event from happening but we can be prepared for it.

Family Holdings Structure

All great sustainable business always comes from family business.


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