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Products & Services - Personal financial planning

Products & Services Personal financial planning

Path to success

With the principle "Customer comes first" ... over 15 years that iWS Wealth Advisory financial planners have been dedicated to providing all comprehensive financial planning services. And with independence in financial products selection, that makes iWS Wealth Advisory Limited be able to provide the clients advice and services with no bias in the selection of financial products process in order to make the most efficiency and benefits of the customers.

iWS Wealth Advisory Limited does not offer only the products that the clients love or prefer. But we strictly adhere to the principles of international standardization of financial planning method which leads us through the process of customer information analysis with accuracy and then comes the selection of the most suitable products to meet the needs and goals of the individual client which obviously each client has different needs and goals.

We always realize that the key to success of making client's financial plan is to help clients setting its financial goals and achieving those goals in different phase such as achieving tax plan, retirement plan, offspring's education plan, dept protection plan, tourism plan and etc. Therefore, we will be extra carefully in every step of designing financial planning models through the tools that reflect every clients point of view and always be alerted to update the financial plans in order to make it all-time suitable for the clients.

Financial Planning is systematic financial models focusing on your financial goals in all real life dimensions, especially during the financial crisis. When we, the financial planners, work with you, we do not only design your bespoke financial goals but also advise on necessary financial information & services including suitable domestic & international financial products from leading financial institutions without any bias for your excellent decision.

Personal financial planning process

1. Understanding current financial status

  • Interview for financial information
  • Set financial goals for each phase
  • Evaluate financial activities

2. iWealth Pro Financial Planning Program

  • Cash flow & balance sheet analysis
  • Estimate net cash
  • Customer financial goal analysis
  • Summarize insurance information
  • Tax analysis

3. Financial model design & suggestion

  • Design alternative financial model & impact analysis
  • Set cash flow & asset management strategies
  • Investment portfolio analysis & strategies
  • Risk management analysis & strategies
  • Income tax planning strategies
  • Education funding strategies
  • Retirement & long term care strategies
  • Set priority to math client's goals in short, medium & long term also the emergency case

4. Improvment, Operation & Supports

  • Operate tasks based on priority
  • Set time period of the operation together
  • Make operation as plan

5. Evaluation and Development

  • Performance evaluation
  • Constantly monitoring & following up
  • Update new financial info to clients continuously
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Make appointment with our planner

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Professional financial planners with international certification.

Professional financial planners with international certification.

CFP - Certified Financial Planner
Certified Financial Planner
IARFC - International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants
FChFP - Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner