Retirement & Life events

Retirement Plan is a living plan with freedom as the way you want without worrying about financial expenditures at all.

Choose to live your life

Retirement Plan is how you choose to live your life as your plan without working for life no more. You have your assets that'd make you sufficent cash flow for your retirement so you'd have so much more freedom on your own life which means you have fully financial freedom. Success is not a coincidence but it is from good preparation. The same rule also applies to retirement plan as well. We need to know what we need/want and how much we need/want in order to set our goals and means.

It doesn't matter that we must have alway got high return profits in a shortest time but it is all about making balance of your life which makes you happy with your life ever since you start the plans until you retire. Let's put it this way, what's the point if you reached your goals with lots of money that you've had imagined but your health and body already wore out because of the work and you had to go seeing doctor every month, or you lost your social life just because you'd been focused on your work your entire life. Do not hurt yourself intensionally just because you see things only one side.

In our life, we have 2 "Dos", Do for ourself and Do for the others

For yourself

Do for yourself such as working and earn money, taking care of health, improving & develop ourself, investment, financial management, assets management and ect.

For others

Do for the others such as offspring's education, taking care of our beloved ones, contribution to the society and ect.

If we write down retirement timeline we'll see that the retirement plan covers everything in our life.


Start Working / Changing Job

One starting point in everyone's life is the first day of working. It will get you income to build your foundation of life.


Cash Management

Money is like water it needs a container to fill in. If we don't plan carefully, it would flow out all over the place as it doesn't have a container.


Marriage / Family

Marriage is a bonding & responsibility that we must care for one another. Money issues in family is something we cannot ignore because it is not about ourself anymore but it is all about "US".


Having Kid & Education Plan

We are somebody on this planet but we are the whole world for someone and especially if that someone were your children, we will decide and do whatever it takes to provide them the best.


Business / Restructure

Starting a business is one more step forward. What does business ower need to look over? How do we start? There are a lot for consideration like business financial, our money, inestment money, loan, tax, accounting, profits, business acquisition. What else we haven't been considering yet?



Unemployment is not a terrible thing. It might be the beginning of doing something even greater for ourself. But what terrifying us is losing necessary income for daily life basis. It is going to be much more better if we plan ourself for any circumstances.



Divorce is something no one wants experience. But sometimes it can bring enormous financial consequences or even more. What should we do if we really do know we don't have other choice? Everybody always has choises but only for someone, they don't take any choice.


Estate planning & Wealth transfer

Having 100 and share it 100, - anyone can do that. But having 100 and share 200 or more. The answers are only "Knowing" or "Unknowing". Heritage management is complex because the needs of each person is not the same. But how can we plan to make the best result out of it from one generation to the next, and how can we make it sustainable if the one who is responsible for that was not you.


Alternative Saving Plan

There are so many things coming to our life that gives us opportunity to do new things always.


Offshore Company

When our business grows more and structure of company gets more complex, establishment offshore company is one interesting option. But how do you start doing that? We've got answers.


Comprehensive total solution

In every step of your life, there is no only one issue to be decided. Is it better if we start planning and design our life as we want it to be and let iWS with its business partners always stay by your side to make you the sustainable success.


Contingency planning

Financial crisis is often happened out of the blue, for example pandemic, business problems and life crisis events. We cannot stop them from happening but we can be prepared and ready for it.

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